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Let’s Keep Social Distancing from becoming Social Isolation… Post #2

As promised here is a new set of questions.  The focus this week is on Birth Order.  How about reaching out to that relative or friend, and asking these questions.?  What number child are you?? HAVE FUN!!

Birth Order 
 How many brothers and sisters do you have? Which number child are you? 
 1)  How did you feel about growing up in a large family?

 2)  How did you feel about growing up in a small family?

 3)  In what ways did your parents treat older children differently than younger children? How did you feel about that?

 4)  Which sibling caused you the most grief?

 5)  To which sibling were you closest?

 6)  How much competitiveness existed between siblings? How did this affect future relationships?
7)  Which of your siblings got the most attention? As a child? As an adult?

 8)  Was an adoption story part of your growing up years?

 9)  What impact did a special needs child have on the family?