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Dear Readers,
I hope you are finding ways to keep yourselves 'positive' during these difficult days of social distancing and isolation. Before posting a 6th set of questions from If Only You Would Ask, I thought I'd reach out to see if the previous posts have been enjoyed. Please let me know if you are using the questions and about any good conversations that may have occurred!~.

Dear Readers,

It’s hard to believe but we are already into our 5th week of questions.  Have you been using the questions to help pass the time and have some fun talking to the people you care about?

Today’s questions are about Family Vacations.   I would really appreciate hearing from you.  How are you using the questions?  Which questions have been especially interesting?  Any feedback is appreciated.  

Post #5 Family Outings and Vacations 
Growing up, what was a favorite family outing or vacation? page28image35213792 
1)  What did your family do for fun?
2)  What are some of your best memories from family outings?
3)  What do you recall about visits to your grandparents or Aunts and Uncles? 
4)  If you camped, did you ever have a scare from some wild animal or bad weather? 
5)  What is a funny story you recall from a family outing? 
6)  What historic sites, such as the White House or Gettysburg, did you visit?
 7)  From which family vacation did you learn a lot? 
8)  Was there a person, place or image from a vacation that forever changed your life? 
9)  What vacations/outings have you enjoyed with your adult children and grandchildren? 
10)  What is a family trip you will never forget?  

 Describe the place where you grew up?
What did it look like? 
1)  Do you recall any significant buildings or land- marks? 
2)  Was it a welcoming community?
 3)  What was your favorite season of the year?
 4)  Were there specific summer or winter events you looked forward to? 5)  Growing up, what chores were expected of you?
 6)  What were the major nationalities of people in your community?
 7)  Where did young people hang out?
 8)  How did most families earn a living?
 9)  What did you like best about the place where you grew up? 
Have FUN!!!

Let’s Keep Social Distancing from becoming Social Isolation…
We can help!

Post #3

We hope you’ve been enjoying the questions and are learning things about each other that you didn’t know! Please feel free to share these questions with your family and friends.

This week’s questions are about growing up, the BEST and the WORST!!

 What is your earliest memory?  
 1)  Imagine you are opening the door of the first house you remember. Walk in and describe what you see.
 2)  As a child, how much responsibility were you given?
3)  Who raised you? How?
 4)  Were praise and affection part of your growing up?5)  Who was your best friend? What kinds of activities did you do together?
6)  What were your favorite radio programs, and TV shows?
7)  How did your family spend weekends?
8)  As a child, what obstacles did you overcome?
9)  Did you cause your parents a lot of worry? In what ways?
10)  In your growing up years, what do you wish had been different?