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Post #3

We hope you’ve been enjoying the questions and are learning things about each other that you didn’t know! Please feel free to share these questions with your family and friends.

This week’s questions are about growing up, the BEST and the WORST!!

 What is your earliest memory?  
 1)  Imagine you are opening the door of the first house you remember. Walk in and describe what you see.
 2)  As a child, how much responsibility were you given?
3)  Who raised you? How?
 4)  Were praise and affection part of your growing up?5)  Who was your best friend? What kinds of activities did you do together?
6)  What were your favorite radio programs, and TV shows?
7)  How did your family spend weekends?
8)  As a child, what obstacles did you overcome?
9)  Did you cause your parents a lot of worry? In what ways?
10)  In your growing up years, what do you wish had been different?