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Meaningful Conversations Over the Phone

I received the following message today from a Rochester friend, Brad Currier.  His experience using If Only You Would Ask with his Mom suggests another valuable way to use the book.

Brad wrote:

Thank you for your great book!  I just got off the phone with my 101 year old mom after our best conversation in years! We spent over 30 minutes talking about her grade school years. I learned that there were bullies “but they never bothered me because my 4 brothers would have killed them!” I also learned that her favorite song was “There’s a rainbow around my shoulders.” I only knew 2 lines and I sang them all the time -that is until my brothers told me to shut up ‘cause I was driving them crazy! The second line was the sky is blue above.”  It was amazing how she seemed to get progressively more engaged. Her hearing and processing got better and better throughout the call and she genuinely thanked me for the call when we said good bye. Joan, you and your Mom are brilliant! I love talking with her but her failing memory gave us little to talk about- until now! Thanks again!  Brad Currier